An Internet of Things product, using Raspberry Pi technology, powered by Twitter and Spotify to boost brand engagement and productivity in the Hiut Denim factory.

Launched May 2015.

Tweet #HiutMusic

Tweet #HiutMusic

Followed by artist name and song title. Hiut Music plays music direct in the Hiut factory.

Instant reply

Instant reply

Users get a reply tweet from @HiutMusic to confirm if their request was favourited.

Distance display

Radio indicator

The display illuminates to indicate distance the tweet had traveled.

Live infographic

Live playlist

All data is displayed on a live infographic at Hiutmusic.co.uk.

“You can’t make a great jean without great music.”

The Hiut Denim Company do one thing and one thing well; they make jeans. A visionary denim brand founded 2009 in Cardigan, Wales by David & Claire Hieatt. Created to restore the denim craftsmanship in the town after factories were closed down. Now a thriving business, The Hiut Denim Company is pioneering the way in fashion, creativity and craft.

David Hieatt, Huit Founder explains
“We have always believed that you can’t make great jeans without good music. Hiut Music allows our customers to connect with the makers of our jeans, GrandMasters, in a unique and personal way. It brings our customers closer to our makers. GrandMasters are reminded with each song that we are making a great pair of jeans for that person. It’s personal. We are making for them. And there is no higher privilege than that.”

Hiut Music

Hiut Music has been shortlisted and won several industry awards for its innovation.

Hiut Music itself has travelled all over the world including L.A to showcase IOT technology.

Twitter used Hiut Music to illustrate the power of IOT at their official event on Connected Products.